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Charles Dickens Birthplace Video

Photo Gallery

Associated Web Link: www.charlesdickensbirthplace.co.uk

Transcript Of Narration
We now move to Old Commercial Road where you will find Charles Dickens Birthplace museum. Charles Dickens was born on 7th February 1812 in this house in what is now Old Commercial Road. John Dickens Charles' father was a clerk in the Navy Pay Office, he had brought his bride Elizabeth to Portsmouth in the summer of 1809 and this was their first marital home.

The Dickens family stayed in Portsmouth until 1815 when John Dickens' job forced the family to move to London. Although Charles Dickens' time spent in Portsmouth was short he did return on three separate occasions, on one occasion he carried out research for his book Nicholas Nickleby.

The furniture, ceramics, glass, household objects and decorations are re-creations of the type Charles's father would have used. There are furnished rooms in the house including the parlor, the dinning room, and the bedroom where Charles was born. There is a collection of memorabilia including the couch Charles Dickens died on in Kent, an inkwell and paper knife he used and much more. There are also regular readings from Charles Dickens books in the summer months held in this house.

For more information about Charles Dickens and his birthplace have a look at www.charlesdickensbirthplace.co.uk.