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City Museum and Records Office Video

Photo Gallery

Associated Web Link: www.portsmouthcitymuseums.co.uk

Transcript Of Narration
We now move a few miles to Museum Road where we find the city museum and records office. The City Museum is housed in what used to be a Victorian Barracks. The permanent displays in the city museum include the A Study in Sherlock: Uncovering the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection on the ground floor. Going up to the first floor there is “No Place Like Pompey” which includes 'Living in Portsmouth' this display is a set of rooms set up from different eras. There is a 17th century bed chamber, 1871 kitchen, a Victorian parlour, a 1930s kitchen and a 1950s living room. The displays continue with a 'Portsmouth at Play' display featuring Portsmouth at play on the beach, in the cinema and on the football field.

The museum also features an art gallery, which houses many paintings and postcards depicting scenes of Portsmouth's history. The City Records Office is housed in the same building as the museum and contains the Cities archives dating back to the 14th Century.

The City museum hosts many exhibits and displays and in the past has held a reenactment of the Portsmouth 800 charter day where the first royal charter was granted to Portsmouth. More information about the City Museum can be found at www.portsmouthcitymuseums.co.uk and more information about the records office can be found at www.portsmouthrecordsoffice.co.uk.