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Mast Manning

Associated Web Link: RN Mast Manning Videos

Transcript Of Narration
The practice of Mast Manning has its origins in the days of sail and was used to show respect to a Senior Officer or a person of importance. This evolved at Shotley, with boys manning the rigging and lining the Yards, completed by the Button Boy standing to attention on the top, some 142 feet 10 inches above the parade ground supported only by the lightening conductor. His reward was to receive the Captains shilling , (later a silver crown) on return to the deck. This grew into a display that was performed to music.

HMS Daedalus was home to the HMS Daedalus Mast Manning Team from 1988-1995. In August 1995 Portsmouth held one of the last ever Mast Manning displays at the VJ Day Commemorations on Southsea Common. The Mast Manning Display Team was later disbanded. For a list of videos featuring HMS Daedalus Mast Manning Display Team in Portsmouth have a look at www.portsmouthvideos.co.uk/events/section_mast.htm

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