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HMS Victory Video

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To view HMS Victory's Trafalgar Sail video click here

Associated Web Link: www.hms-victory.com

Transcript Of Narration
Portsmouth’s historic dockyard is home to Nelson’s HMS Victory. HMS Victory is still a commissioned war ship, which makes it the world’s oldest commissioned warship. HMS Victory is located within dry dock number 2 and was built between 1759 and 1765 and was a first-rate ship of the line. HMS Victory is probably best known for its Vice Admiral Lord Nelson and its part in the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

HMS Victory with Vice Admiral Lord Nelson on board led 27 British ships into battle off Cape Trafalgar against the French and Spanish fleet. At this battle the British won a great victory but Nelson paid the ultimate price with his life.

HMS Victory is open to the public and tours of the ship will take in the great cabin, the spot where Nelson died and the gun decks where 800 men lived and worked. In 2005 Portsmouth saw events marking the 200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar. HMS Victory played a key roll in the anniversary with a full broad side being fired from the ship in October as part of an event witnessed by Her Majesty the Queen.

HMS Victory is currently a museum but also is the flagship of the Second Sea Lord. In 1812 HMS Victory was retired from frontline duty and anchored in the harbour. She spent the next 110 years at her moorings within Portsmouth Harbour until 1922 when she was moved into the dockyard and placed in No2 dry dock. At this point work began on her to bring her back to her original 1805 condition.

Now for a few facts about Victory. HMS Victory carried 100 guns and a crew of over 800 men and was one of the largest warships of her time. Victory took approximately 6,000 tress to build her and cost £63,175 which would be approximately £50 million in today’s money, to build. Victory is 69.34m long with the main mast being 62.50m from the waterline and she displaced 3,556 tonnes. For more information about HMS Victory have a look at www.hms-victory.com.