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Eastney Fort East Video

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Transcript Of Narration
The remains of Eastney Fort East are located in the grounds of the Royal Marines Museum on the seafront at Eastney.

The east and west forts at Eastney barracks were built between 1861 and 1863. They were intended to flank the barracks and comprised of two openwork batteries with twelve gun positions each. The outer walls were constructed of brick with galleted panels of flint. A brick lined and vaulted magazine was built below ground in each fort. Both forts have been heavily altered, particularly Eastney Fort East, which now contains several brick buildings from the 1930s and 1940s when the fort was used by The Signal School for development of radar and, during the war, by the Admiralty Signals Establishment for naval radar.

Each battery had ten embrasures and two barbette positions, but was never fully armed, the maximum number of guns provided being five 7in Armstrong and one 68-pounder to each battery.

It is hoped to open the fort to visitors on completion of restoration of the fort. The parade will be used for re-enactments and military vehicle displays during special events. The fort will form part of the museum's interpretation of the history of the Royal Marine Artillery.

For more details about the Fort and for pictures of the restoration work on the fort have a look at http://www.palmerstonforts.org.uk/east.htm