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Royal Naval Submarine Museum Video

Photo Gallery

Associated Web Link: www.submarine-museum.co.uk

Transcript Of Narration
Staying in Gosport we move on to the Royal Naval Submarine Museum. The Royal Naval Submarine Museum allows you to trace the history of submarine development from the age of Alexander the Great to the present day.

The submarine tour starts with a film show showing the history of the Submarine service followed by a guided tour of HMS Alliance. You can then visit the Holland 1, the Royal Navy's first submarine, which is under conservation in her tank. There are also torpedoes, guns and missiles to see.

HMS Alliance, the submarine you can go on board, was commissioned in 1947 and allows you to experience life on board a submarine. You can look through the periscopes of HMS Conqueror towards Portsmouth Harbour. There is even an opportunity to be a Captain in the trainer control room. There are galleries telling of the history of the submarines and how nuclear physics drive today’s submarines.

There is a gift shop and picnic area as well as a restaurant. There is a remembrance corner which commemorates those who gave their lives to the submarine service. It includes their medals and tells of how 14 Victoria Crosses were awarded. For more information about the Submarine Museum have a look at www.submarine-museum.co.uk